This website aims to provide information to women facing separation, particularly where there is violence and abuse.  We hope this information will help women to negotiate safety for themselves and their children.  However, we acknowledge that there needs to be important changes in how domestic violence, child protection and family law issues are dealt with to improve the safety of women and children.

Currently, women face many problems when escaping domestic violence and child abuse.  The research indicates that survivors of violence and abuse begin recovery when their exposure to danger has stopped and they are able to re-establish safely.  However, since the criminal justice, child protection and family law systems leave women exposed to this violence and abuse, they are placed in the difficult position of being unable to focus on recovery and safety.  In fact, when mothers are trying to negotiate their own and their children’s safety they are put at more risk as these systems fail to provide a safe environment for this to take place.

Resources and approaches need to be further developed and made accessible to improve responses to the needs of women and their children when subjected to violence and abuse.

The National Abuse Free Contact Campaign has been developed in partnership with the Women’s Safety After Separation project.  Supported by a coalition of interested groups, individuals and organisations, this campaign seeks to address the issues that women and their children face when escaping violence and abuse.

Any part of this Website may be reproduced as long as the original meaning is retained and acknowledgement is given to the Women’s Safety After Separation project.