1. Research by the Australian National University Centre for Social Research and Methods has examined the cumulative impacts of cuts made since 2005.  The welfare-to work program reforms have harmed single-parent families. The main policy change was to move single parents from the Parenting Payment to the Newstart Allowance. This change meant a lower payment rate and a lower rate of indexation where the youngest child was 8 or older.

      A family with no private income and two children over the age of 8 policy changes since 2005 have left them around $5,750 a year worse off or about 17.2 per cent by 2018.

      A single parent who works three days per week on the minimum wage they will be $6,391 worse off or 14.8 per cent.

      Overall, due to lower government benefits and lower payment indexation many single parent families are considerably worse off as a direct result of policy change enacted by various governments since 2005. The modelling used a rental amount of $250 per week (a conservative amount).

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    2. Breach of human rights. We think so. The Joint Committee on Human Rights report on the Bill recommended it be delayed.

      It stated clearly: ‘However, the committee notes that it does not necessarily follow that the measures seeking equity are justified as it is not apparent to the committee that the government has considered any alternative options in this regard.’

      We wrote to the United Nation and their correspondence remains unanswered. The Australian Council of Social Service, the St Vincent de Paul Society, the National Council for Single Mothers and their Children, and Beth Goldblatt (Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney) have written to the experts mandated by the UN to deal with extreme poverty, and discrimination against women, to report on this violation of Australia’s human rights commitments in 2012 and 2017.

      To the best of our knowledge Australia has not responded to the 2012 United Nations Correspondence.

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