Federal Government Assistance Covid 19

Economic Stimulus Payment $750


Economic Stimulus Payment


10 July 2020.

Coronavirus Supplement is a taxable amount of $550 per fortnight for six months

Job Seeker Coronavirus supplement is taxable income & will be included in income for FTB & Child Support

Parenting Payment Single: Coronavirus supplement is taxable income & will be included in income for FTB & Child Support
Family Tax Benefit (If not receiving coronavirus supplement)
Widow allowance
Austudy / ABSTUDY Coronavirus supplement is (taxable income) & will be included in calculations for FTB & Child Support
Youth allowance Assets Test suspended
Disability support pension
Carers payment? Carers allowance

Special Benefit
Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa

Crisis Payment: Eligibility expanded to include additional support for self -isolation and quarantining purposes (if in hardship) apply within 14 days of isolating.

Job Keeper Payment: $1500 per fortnight. Claim from one registered employee (unless government employee). It is taxable income and because it doesn’t come through centre link you need to include in centre link fortnightly reporting. You can also qualify for the supplements as above.

Payment Estimator Calculator : to help work out how this will affect you.
Child Care: fees suspended between 6 April and 28 June 2020.
Mutual Obligations: suspended up and including the 1st June 2020
Parentsnext mutual obligation: suspended until further notice
You can transfer from one payment such as DSP, Carers Allowance or Carers Payment to a payment that attracts the $550 coronavirus supplement. We understand financial hardship but caution against this, as you will need to reapply, and we do not know the waiting periods or the application process. .
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