The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down. The pandemic arrived at our door and many of us did not have capacity: emotional time or finances to manage it. Unlike an unwelcome visitor, we could not ask it to leave. The aim of this page is to help solo-mums understand the available support and assistance.

Silver lining

PPS and the Jobseeker payment is at a level that allows our social security system to be a safety net.


Women in receipt of DSP, Carers Allowance/ Payment missed out on the Coronavirus Supplement.

Women seeking asylum. Its not easy to leave but impossible if you have a child/ren living in Australia.

Additional support went to the cashless card.


Living in isolation, and under strict surveillance by an abusive partner.

1800 Respect :1800 737 732

NRS: 1800 555 677

Interpreter: 13 14 50

Support and counselling if impacted by sexual assault, domestic or violence and abuse.

Child Support

No national focus - its missing in action.

Coronavirus Supplement and Job Keeper is taxable and will be included in estimates.

Your Voice

Silver lining…. We are gathering stories for our public advocacy and or to be published in the Guardian known as “above the breadline’” No more than 150 words, what can you buy with new financial support and what it means to you. Email

If you need to hibernate, and a solo mum, we have private Facebook group.

If you still have questions or know of resources that will help other mums please PM our Facebook page or Email

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