Witness Assistance Service

The Office of Director of Public Prosecutions offers support to victims of crime, witnesses and their families — anywhere in the Northern Territory throughout the criminal justice process.

Witness Assistance Service staff can:

  • Help you understand how the courts and the legal system work.
  • Show you the court and where the facilities for victims of crime are before the case.
  • Be with you in court or while you are waiting to give evidence.
  • Inform the prosecutor of any special needs you have.
  • Tell you about welfare, health, counselling and legal services available to victims of crime.
  • Tell you about financial assistance available under the Northern Territory Crimes (Victims Assistance) Act.
  • Tell you how to claim witness expenses.
  • Help you prepare a Victim Impact Statement.


You can ask about:

  • Any inquiries being made, however, the police cannot tell you anything that would put the investigation at risk.
  • Charges laid against the accused person and any later change to the charges.
  • Whether bail has been granted and any bail conditions.
  • The reasons why a plea of guilty to a lesser charge was accepted from the accused.
  • The reasons not to lay charges or not to proceed with charges.
  • The place, time and date of when the case is to go to court.
  • Victim Impact Statements.
  • The result of the case and any sentence imposed.
  • Any property of yours held by the police or the DPP.


Darwin Office

Level 3, Old Admiralty Tower

68 The Esplanade, Darwin NT 0801

Telephone: 08 8935 7500


Alice Springs Office

Level 1, Centrepoint Building

Hartley St, Alice Springs NT 0870

Telephone: 08 8951 5800

The VSU notifies victims of crime in writing about the service and invites them to make contact.

Freecall telephone number:  1800 659 449.

Victims are provided with several publications at the appropriate times.  These include the VSU pamphlet and the Victim Impact Statements booklet which includes a pro forma for victims who choose to prepare a victim impact statement independently.


Police Domestic and Personal Violence Protection Unit

  • Alice Springs 8951 8888
  • Darwin 8948 0110


Legal Advice and Advocacy

  • NT Legal Aid Commission Legal Information Line: 1800 019 343
  • Central Australia Women’s Legal Service: 1800 684 055
  • Central Australia Aboriginal Family Legal Unit: 1800 088 884
  • NPY (Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara) Women’s Council of Aboriginal Corporation Domestic Violence Service:  1800 180 840
  • Northern Australian Aboriginal Family Violence Legal Service:  1800 041 998
  • Domestic Violence Legal Service (Darwin):  8999 3000
  • Katherine Women’s Information and Legal Service:  1800 620 108
  • Katherine Aboriginal Family Support Unit:  8972 3200