Domestic Violence Resource Centre

Victoria Legal Aid

Domestic violence outreach services

There are many local domestic violence outreach services across Victoria.  They can give you information and advice, and help you take action against a violent or abusive person.  Many of them will help you deal with the police and go to court with you.  They can also refer you to free legal services that can give you advice.  The court or police refer you to a local service.

You are not alone

For help in dealing with family violence and referral to local agencies, ring:

Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service of Victoria (24 hours) (03) 9322 3555 or country toll free 1800 015 188

Women’s Legal Service Victoria

Legal Advice Line (03) 9642 0877 or free call 1800 133302

Urgent cases

Police emergency number: 000

If you’re assaulted, molested or threatened out of hours RING THE POLICE. They have the power to seize weapons and the power to lay criminal charges.

If your local police won’t act and you’re still afraid, ring this number.

Domestic Violence 24-hour crisis line 9322 3555 or 1800 015 188 (country callers)