Impacts on Women

When a woman is constantly abused and put down she may start to think of herself as worthless.  Many women feel powerless.  Many women stay in abusive relationships because they are too afraid to leave.  If a woman does decide to separate, it is not unusual for her to return to her abusive partner, particularly when appropriate support and assistance is not available.

Domestic violence can have long-term effects on a woman.   There may be emotional problems such as difficulty in trusting others.  She may also suffer long-term effects on her health from physical injuries.

Not all the long-term effects are negative.  Often a woman dealing with domestic violence has developed incredible strengths in order to survive.  To come out and move in to a new life living through years of violence is usually an extremely positive experience.

How women may be feeling?

All forms of abuse have damaging consequences.

Some of the ways that you may have been feeling include:

  • Feeling worthless and lacking self confidence.
  • Ashamed and afraid of letting others know about the abuse.
  • Feel that you are to blame for the abuse.
  • Hopeless and sad because you have tried everything.
  • Depressed and lonely.
  • Afraid of what he might do if you leave or seek help.
  • Afraid that no-one will believe you.
  • Scared of coping on our own.
  • Confused.

Remember, you’re not to blame for the abuse.  You have a right to feel safe and to live a life free from intimidation. See website links