Child Support

Child Support

Child support is based upon the notion that the biological parents are responsible for the care of their children.  In determining the amount of child support the Child Support Agency will use a set formula, the combined income of both parents after a self-support amount is deducted and the percentage of care.  For more information visit the DHS Click here

You may wish to use the online estimator to calculate child support.  Click here

The Department of Human Services has a comprehensive website which provides information and you may also phone 131 272. Click here for DHS phone details.

Private Collect Agreement.

The payee can unilaterally  (you don’t need the approval from the Payer) to decide to end the Private Collect agreement and seek that CSA collect this amount.   It is important to note that CSA can only collect the last three (3) months of debt.

Change of Assessment (COA) : Since 1 July 1992, customers can apply to have their assessment changed if their special circumstances are not adequately reflected in their child support assessment.  A customer who applies for a Change of Assessment (COA) must apply under one or more of the 10 reasons outlined in the legislation.  It usually takes parents between 75 and 90 days to receive a new assessment, and if a parent objects to the decision internally, that process can take an additional 60 days.  In addition, since 2007, parents who remain dissatisfied can apply to the Social Security Appeals Tribunal for re-consideration.  We suggest that you seek legal advice and inform the child support agency if you have any safety concerns.  Application form   Response form

Maintenance Action Test:  Is the interaction between the family payment system and child support.  If a mother does not register a child support case with the Agency she is deemed to have ‘failed’ the Maintenance Action Test and will only qualify for the base rate of family payments irrespective of their eligibility.  Please visit the Exemption Page for more information.