DHS – Financial Support


Speak to DHS – Centrelink about ‘crisis payment’, ‘family assistance’ and other benefits. If you have concerns about your safety asked to speak with the Social Worker. A social worker can talk to you about payments, domestic violence exemptions and other emergency services that maybe of assistance.

Income Support

Single parents are mostly eligible for a ‘Parenting Payment Single’ or Newstart Allowance. Eligibility will be dependent upon the age of your child.  If you have a disability or caring for a child with a disability you may be eligible for alternative and or additional allowance.  It is the role of Centrelink and all their social workers to assist you to understand and obtain the assistance that best it’s your circumstances.

The Department of Human Services (which includes Centrelink and the Child Support Agency) have an online ‘Payment Finder’.

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Crisis Payment

You may be eligible for Crisis Payment if you:

  • are receiving an income support payment
  • are in severe financial hardship, and
  • submit your claim for Crisis Payment within 7 days after the event that led you to claim, and either you:
    • have left your home and cannot return, because of an extreme circumstance, such as domestic violence or a house fire, and you have set up or intend to set up a new home
    • remain in your home after experiencing domestic violence, and the family member responsible has left or has been removed from your home
    • have served at least 14 days in prison or psychiatric confinement as a result of being charged with an offence and have just been released, or
    • have arrived in Australia as a humanitarian entrant for the first time

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