Legal Services

Private lawyers can be hired at your own expense – some may offer an initial free consultation.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Aid offices. Click here

Community Legal Services (including Women’s Legal Centres). Click here

State or Territory Legal Aid Commissions. Click here

State or Territory  have different Law Societies or Associations. 


Duty solicitors – Family Court

A free service for people who are representing themselves and have a hearing date in the Family Law Courts or are starting proceedings in a Family Law Court. The service can be used once only for general family law advice.

Duty Lawyers cannot:

  • Prepare complex court documents, e.g. applications/responses and affidavits.
  • Represent you for interim hearings, contravention applications and final hearings (trials).
  • Provide specific legal advice or representation in Court if there is a conflict of interest (for example, if the other party or a child is represented, or has previously been represented, by a Legal Services Commission lawyer). In such cases the Duty Lawyer will provide general information only.
  • Provide specific legal advice regarding property settlements (only general information and advice).
  • Assist with Youth Court (care and protection) matters.