Child Support Exemption

In order to receive the maximum rate of Family Tax Benefit A, payees are required to take “Maintenance Action”.   This means having a current child support assessment in place; or having an exemption from seeking child support.  Where there is no exemption from seeking maintenance, the payee drops to the base rate of FTB A.

Maintenance Exemptions are used where:

  • The payee fears that if they take action for child support the payer will react violently towards them or their family.
  • Seeking child support may have a harmful or disruptive effect on them or the payer.
  • The paternity is ‘unknown’ which may be a signal that the payee is afraid of violence if paternity is disclosed.
  • Cultural Considerations

When granted FTB for the first time an automatic 13 week applies. All Exemptions are all assessed by Social workers and during this process a 60 day exemption is granted.

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