Financial Hardship

The financial circumstances of single mother led households and the increased risk of poverty and deprivation is well known.  The Social Policy Research Centre identified certain population groups that consistently face higher than average risk of poverty and stated that, single people and lone parents encountered the highest threat.  The separated living arrangements were a contrast between mothers and fathers with mothers experiencing greater financial hardship.  Separation and marriage breakdown in itself is both a cause and a contributor to problem debt and financial insecurity and that this occurred for mothers with adequate education and employment experience.


NCSMC is concerned that child poverty does not attract the attention that it warrants.  ACOSS states that children in sole parent families are three times more likely to live in poverty and that 25-30% children reside below the poverty line. NCSMC notes that this research was prior to more single mothers been forced to survive on Newstart Allowance and therefore it remains a conservative estimate.  Children should not be left behind or be excluded from the opportunities that are available to their peers.


NCSMC contends that financial hardship and poverty should not be a forgone conclusion and seeks well targeted policies that provide real assistance and are free from prejudice and discrimination. 

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