Budget Submission 2016: A Small Investment for a Significant Gain

We sincerely thank all women who have trusted us and shared their story.


The National Council Single Mothers and their Children Inc (NCSMC) is pleased to engage in Federal Budget. This budget submission contains five recommendations directly responding to the matter of poverty, hardship and or domestic violence and its impact upon single mother families.  Despite access to the Henderson Poverty Line since the 1970’s, as a nation we have abrogated our responsibility to measure and understand the implications of poverty; the associated loss of productivity; how it increases inequality and fractures our community.


Furthermore, we have failed to recognize that some population groups such as single mother families are over represented in the areas of poverty, hardship, deprivation, violence and inequality.  We point out that this overrepresentation has occurred throughout our prosperous periods indicating that we have the policy settings wrong.  There is much spoken about the need to nurture our children and to tackle disadvantage but statistics will inform us that we are making the situation worse rather than better and that it’s based upon poor expenditure and policy decisions, which we address in our recommendations.


NCSMC points to the most recent Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey which found that ‘24 per cent of children in single-parent households are living in poverty, compared with 7.6 per cent of those living with two parents’.  The ‘trending’ of this issue has serious ramifications for our current health and wellbeing as well as our nation’s future.


Full Submission click on link  Budget Submission 2016.

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