Royal Commission into Family Violence (Victoria)

We sincerely thank all women who have trusted us and shared their story.


We welcomes the announcement made by the Governor of Victoria and the appointment of a Chair and two Deputy Commissioners to the Royal Commission into Family Violence.  NCSMC supports that the Commission will inquire into and provide practical recommendations on how Victoria’s response to family violence can be improved.  We sincerely believe that the Royal Commission, its report and recommendations has an opportunity to be ground-breaking and provide a blueprint for women and children seeking safety, staying safe and living a life free from family violence.  

The National Council Single Mothers and their Children Inc does not typically engage in a state processes.  Primarily, this is due to our capacity and our national focus.  However, there are some unique differences that warrant such a response.  The precedent of a whole of Government commitment through a National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and Children and the knowledge that family violence knows no boundaries.  Furthermore, the barriers that impede women from protecting them and their children can be a product of the State and or Federal Government.  Women who are contending with this battle care little for ‘artificial policy jurisdictions’ but want corrective action and it remains our view that the powers that arrive with the Royal Commission are well-placed to respond to these matters.


NCSMC focus is to put a spotlight on the inter-relationship of family violence and financial hardship and call upon the Commissioners not to limit its review to State legislation.  Contending with financial hardship can be a contributor and an extension of mothers and their children’s experience of violence; it erodes their access to seek safety before, during and after separation, a situation which we deal with on a regular basis.   Our expertise is derived from our own research, collaboration with others and steeped in the rich but often tragic experience of women who have sought our service.  It is from this unique, but clear vantage point that we present our submission and recommendations. 


Whatever It Takes – Royal Commission (Vic) Final May 2015


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